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Glimpse RTF Mode 2Glimpse RTF

The Blade® Glimpse™ drone is the ideal platform for getting started in aerial cinematography. Despite its nano-size, the durable design can fly indoors or out and features an integrated camera with HD recording plus FPV video down-link capability. SAFE® technology helps keep the drone steady and you in control from hover to forward flight and back again.



The Blade® FPV Nano QX features Horizon Hobby’s newest innovation in RC flight, SAFE™ technology. This revolutionary system optimises the FPV Nano QX for precision hovering and accuracy in two flight modes.

First-Person View (FPV) with a headset creates an immersive RC experience that virtually puts you in the pilot’s seat.

Max Thrust 1.6m Max-Thrust Riot XL
Max Thrust 1.6m Max-Thrust Riot XL

The Riot XL is very stable thanks to its large 1600mm wingspan and will handle the wind with ease. With plenty of power to spare you won’t be in two minds whether to take this beauty out on a typical flying day. This really is the model for all conditions and abilities.

The airframe has been specially designed to provide maximum strength and rigidity without compromising the flight characteristics of the model.

Tech One Thunder 180
Tech One Thunder 180

The Thunder 180 from Tech One is a revelation, not only is it awesome indoors but you can also take this stunner outside in still conditions and amaze yourself with it’s slow speed 3D aerobatics.

Built from EPS and reinforced with carbon and balsa strips, the Thunder has amazing torsional rigidity and at only 249g is ultra light weight, making it perfect for high torque 3D aerobatics and manoeuvres.

Tech One S-Bach 342 PNP with Vector Brushless Motor System
Tech One S-Bach 342 PNP with Vector Brushless Motor System

The Sbach 342 is a stunning looking aircraft and we’ve captured the lines of the full size to bring you this 840mm wingspan delight from Tech One. Cool looks are nothing if the model won’t perform so we’ve made sure this one does. It has power in abundance to make prop hanging a breeze and those huge control surfaces that just shout out abuse me as much as you like but I will still come back for more.

Tech One Revolution EPO Foam (No TX, RX or Charger)
Tech One Revolution EPO Foam (No TX, RX or Charger)

The model really is a Revolution both in it’s quality and performance. Supplied in Plug and Play (PNP) format the Revolution can be ready to fly in a couple of hours just needing you to add your own receiver and 2200mAh 3 cell Li-Po. The performance from such a small pack is breath taking as it will power its way through the British winter with style.

Multiplex RTF Panda
Multiplex RTF Panda

With its docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air, the Panda offers the beginner genuine flying pleasure. Whether long practice flights or lively aerobatics are required the Panda always cuts a fine figure. The model’s low sinking speed and good soaring characteristics ensure success on both the slope and whist thermal flying. Also, thanks to the high strength of the airframe, the Panda is capable of high-speed manoeuvres, whilst its detachable tailplane and two-part wing make for easy transportation.

Ares Ultra Micro Trainer 100 RTF
Ares Ultra Micro Trainer 100 RTF

The Ares [air-eez] Ultra-Micro Trainer 100 is a classic high-wing design that’s perfect for first-time pilots looking for an aeroplane that delivers confidence-inspiring stability and easy control. Couple this to the benefits of its modest size and you’ll be able to learn to fly in less space and in less time than ever before. The ultra-micro proportions allow you to fly in smaller outdoor spaces, like a yard or park, or even indoors in a large gym. Plus, the durable and lightweight construction means you don’t always have to worry about damage after less than perfect landings.

Ares Optim 80 CP RTF HelicopterAres Optim 80 CP RTF Helicopter

Whether you’re looking to advance from your first CX heli or quad, or you’re an experienced heli pilot looking for some flying fun around the house, the Ares Optim 80 CP is the product for you.

The Ares Optim 80 CP comes factory-assembled, powered by a coreless motor and a 150mAh 25C battery. Also included is a 2.4GHz transmitter, and a power cord that allows you to charge conveniently from the AA transmitter batteries that come with your purchase.

Hitec Flash 8 Tx 9ch Rx (Opti) 2.4GHz AFHSS/SLT 4096
Hitec Flash 8 Tx 9ch Rx (Opti) 2.4GHz AFHSS/SLT 4096

For the club pilot who deserves a little quality in his life – Hitec’s solid and dependable 2.4GHz AFHSS protocol wrapped in a refined and stylish case that’s bursting with features.

Hitec’s impressive radio line continues to grow with the Flash 8! Complementing the success of our popular Flash 7, this latest radio delivers commanding reliability through its expanded performance features and outstanding quick response. Our built-in AFHSS technology provides ultra-low latency, precise 4096 resolution and Secure Link compatibility. Store up to 30 models, enjoy full telemetric functions and customize your flights with extensive programming options. Expand your flying experience today with the Flash 8!

Helion 1/12 Impakt 12B 2WD Off-Road Caged Buggy

Helion 1/12 Impakt Caged Buggy

The Impakt 12B caged, off-road buggy offers speed, durability and a value unheard of in its class. A 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system eliminates frequency conflicts, while the 380 brushed motor churns out blistering acceleration and incredible speeds in excess of 20mph. Constructed from lightweight, yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and coil-over friction damper shocks support the chassis through off-road terrain.

Helion 1/10 Dominus SCv2 RTRHelion 1/10 Dominus SCv2 Brushless 4WD Electric RTR Truck

The Dominus 10SCv2 4×4 Short Course Truck offers speed, durability and value unheard of in its class.  A 2.4 GHz 3-channel radio system eliminates frequency conflicts, while the 3500kv Reaktor brushless motor churns out blistering acceleration and incredible top speeds in excess of 30mph through the beefy shaft based all metal gear transmission. Constructed from lightweight yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and oil filled shocks soak up even the worst terrain.

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