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Helion 1/12 Impakt Off-Road Caged Buggy

Helion 1/12 Impakt 12B 2WD Off-Road Caged Buggy

The Impakt 12B caged, off-road buggy offers speed, durability and a value unheard of in its class. A 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system eliminates frequency conflicts, while the 380 brushed motor churns out blistering acceleration and incredible speeds in excess of 20mph. Constructed from lightweight, yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and coil-over friction damper shocks support the chassis through off-road terrain.

Helion 1/10 Dominus SCv2 RTRHelion 1/10 Dominus SCv2 Brushless 4WD Electric RTR Truck

The Dominus 10SCv2 4×4 Short Course Truck offers speed, durability and value unheard of in its class.  A 2.4 GHz 3-channel radio system eliminates frequency conflicts, while the 3500kv Reaktor brushless motor churns out blistering acceleration and incredible top speeds in excess of 30mph through the beefy shaft based all metal gear transmission. Constructed from lightweight yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and oil filled shocks soak up even the worst terrain.

Multiplex Cockpit SXML Telemetry Special-55Multiplex Cockpit SXML Telemetry Special-55

Software V3.04 adds the facility to display up to eight sensor values on the transmitter screen, as well as introducing a number of changes in response to requests from Cockpit pilots. This system now offers more than any other radio control system in it’s class!

Multiplex models are easy to fly, and the instructions supplied with all our aeroplanes include accurate, reliable information on set-up values.

Parrot Mini-Drone Jumping SumoParrot Mini-Drone Jumping Sumo

This fast, rugged and lively addition to the Parrot MiniDrones collection performs acrobatics as never seen before. Through this simple, easy-to-use device, Parrot has reinvented the experience of playing with robots.

An acrobatic and fearless adventurer, the Jumping Sumo generates its own WiFi (AC) connection allowing for an automatic connection to your smartphone or tablet as soon as you enter the free FreeFlight 3 application. The application is for iOS and Android. Also available on Windows OS 8.1 and Windows Phone OS 8.1.

Century UK KDS 450 QS HelicopterCentury UK KDS 450 QS Helicopter

The exciting all-new KDS 450QS is the first of a new generation of ready-built high performance helicopters from the experts at KDS. Every component of this amazing new helicopter has been the subject of the most up-to-date computer aided design, with the core emphasis on providing maximum performance, minimising weight and increasing strength and stiffness wherever possible.

Dromida DT4.18 RTR 1/18 4WD Desert TruckDromida DT4.18 RTR 1/18 4WD Desert Truck

Tough, fast, and fully assembled, the DT4.18 comes out of the box ready to conquer the roughest country around. It’s more than complete; it’s also loaded with performance extras most start-up trucks can’t match. There’s an M370 motor for 20+ mph straightaway speeds, plus a fully adjustable suspension, Big Bore oil shocks and multiple mounting options to tame the worst turf. Dual rates on the 2.4GHz radio make it a great truck to learn on and more fun to drive when you’re ready.

Century UK Flux Marauder 1:8 4WD Brushless Twin 7.4V RC TruckCentury UK Flux Marauder 4WD RC Truck

The 1.8 7.4V Flux Marauder is guaranteed to impress you and your friends! Powered by an awesome 2260kv motor and twin Li-Po battery packs, you’ll be pulling wheelies and getting air like nobody’s business! Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC trucks, and the Flux Marauder is no different. Just plug in the two supplied matching Li-Po packs and you are off and running!

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